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Located in Fitchburg, WI

Hi! I'm Rachel. I'm a baker, organizational fiend, random-fact knower, singer, terrible iPhone photographer, artist, entrepreneur, and more. 

I started baking when I was 8 or 9 (I think) because I loved a good chocolate chip cookie and had very strong opinions about what that meant, so I ventured to make my own. I'm still on the hunt and tweaking my house recipe every couple of years.

Macarons came into the picture around 2018/2019. I wanted to master the notoriously difficult cookies. My first batches were ROUGH. But I got better, so I decided to try selling them. Thus, amalgam was born.

Other things to know about me: I adore my husband and kid. They are the lights of my life and our family unit brings me so much joy. One of my passions is building up people, teams, and communities. I'm still discovering my way in this world, but I do know the path forward - for all of us - is together. I'd love to create community with you.

Thanks for being here.

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