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answers to your burning questions (good thing the questions are on fire and not the cookies)

What are macarons?

So glad you asked! Macarons are almond-meringue sandwich cookies. They have characteristic smooth shells and little frilly "feet" on the bottom.


Not to be confused with macaroons which are baked coconut blobs with chocolate decoration.

How do you make macarons?

There are three different methods for making macarons: French, Swiss, and Italian. These really reference how the meringue is made, the aerated egg white-sugar mixture that forms the base of the cookie. Other things that are made from meringue: marshmallows, pavlovas, and some sponge cakes.

Oh you meant how do I personally make them? I use the French method: I whip egg whites with granulated sugar until stiff peaks form, then fold (you just...fold it in!) almond flour and powdered sugar in a very special and very fancy technique called "macaronage". I pipe the little scamps onto a silicone mat and bake for just under 20 minutes until perfect little feet, a smooth top, and a chewy interior form. Et voila! Macarons.

How do you pronounce macarons?

I'm surprised it took three questions for this to come up. I'll have you saying it in no time:


First, say macaroni without the "ee" sound.


Great job!

Now, emphasize the first syllable instead of the last. 


OK, no need to yell, but yes, that's it.

Finally, drop the long "o" for a shorter one:



Great job!

Is this right? Sure! Keep in mind I live in the Midwest and not France (even though I'm pretty sure macarons originated in Italy...I digress), but you'll sound tres chic if you pronounce it this way at your local patisserie.

Are your macarons gluten-free?

Macarons are naturally gluten-free. The ingredients to make macarons are sugar, egg white, almond flour, and powdered sugar. 

One place gluten may enter the party is in the fillings. I include ingredient cards for every bake.


What if I have food allergies or other sensitivities?

One of my favorite parts of the job is designing the cards included with every order. These cards have both allergen and ingredient information so you can make informed choices about your foods.


Keep in mind that I make your delicious baked goods in a private home, where we use products containing wheat/gluten, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, sesame, and other allergens. My kitchen is not subject to state licensing or inspection and is not allergen-free.


Folks with food sensitivities should exercise best judgment and contact me with specific questions or packaging requests before purchasing and devouring each macaron in a dark closet so the kids can't find you.


If you do purchase macs, you assume amalgam design & bakery is not responsible for any harm to you or those who eat these nuggets of deliciousness. Including stomach aches from not sharing (no judgement).

How do I purchase your macarons?

I offer three main ways to purchase macarons: weekly(ish) macdrop sales, custom orders, or macs-on-demand.

Do you have a storefront?

I don't! I bake out of my lovely midcentury split-level home kitchen located in Fitchburg, WI.

Wait - you can make and sell things out of your home?

Yep, I sure can! There are Wisconsin statute exemptions allowing for the direct sale of not potentially hazardous foods directly from a home baker (me) to a consumer (you).

All macarons and fillings meet these Wisconsin statute exemptions for home bakers.

I've bought your macarons, how do I keep them fresh?

Thank you! Good news: I have a whole page dedicated to macaron storage. You'll be enjoying your macs in top form with those recommendations.

How long have you been baking?

I started baking and cooking at a pretty young age. It was mostly a disaster, but for some reason, I kept at it and I've gotten pretty dang good.

amalgam was opened in Jan 2022. But I've been plying coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family for YEARS with sugar, butter, flour, almonds, and a whole mess of other baked goodies. You're welcome, everyone. And I love you.

Other questions?

Click the button below and it'll magically connect us. Except the magic is email (but really, if you think about it, how does email actually work?)​

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