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Weekly(ish) Macdrop: Mother's Day, May 14

Happy spring! I think. Happy *almost* spring. I heard someone call it "sprinter" because it feels like we're rushing to get through winter, playing hide-and-seek with spring. I like that.

Happy sprinter.

Mother's Day is coming up quickly (May 14), so I decided to do a pre-order for special boxes. The order window will look a little different than a traditional #macdrop as I have a limited amount of packages available. Instead of closing it on Tuesday at 10 pm, I'll give warning on my Instagram and newsletter when the window is getting close.

This year, I'll have available 9-packs decorated in a Wes Anderson-style vintage theme. Cool macs for cool moms.

There will be three flavors, each with a silky almond buttercream and fruit fillings. Perfect to enjoy on the beach, or with eyes closed pretending to be on the beach.

Also, Mother's Day can be difficult for many. If you are struggling or know someone who is, I'll have a small number of free boxes to gift this year. Email me and we'll chat.

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