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Weekly Mac Drop: February 27 - March 05

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

There's been a lot of heavy news lately. Let's do something good together, shall we?

To get a box of macs this week, donate a minimum of $15 in support of one of the following efforts:

- LGBTQAI+/trans youth support

- Black joy/health/mental health/reparations. It's Black History Month

- Ukraine/Yemen/Somalia humanitarian aid

- Anti-violence initiatives, especially those supporting the AAPI (AAPI= Asian American & Pacific Islander) and MMIW/P/2SP (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women/People/Two-Spirit) communities


1) Complete the mac order form (linked above)

2) Email me a receipt showing your donation related to the above. I'm all about community organizations and mutual aid, so whatever resonates with you, good.

3) I will confirm your order and send details for pick-up.

Each order will be a 6-pack with both flavors, three of each. There will also be 2 Rainbow Blondies included. Want more than one pack? Donate in multiple of $15 (so: $30 = two packs, $45 = three, etc.)

Order window closes Tuesday at 10 p.m.! We're in this together. Let's raise $200.

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