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We're popping-up, again!

It's true! I had so much fun popping-up in May that I when Sarah and Erin from Good Day Shop contacted me about coming to the shop again I jumped at the chance.

The menu is stellar: a nod to winter flavors and nature-inspired designs, I'm delighted to showcase my creativity and delicious confections with you.

Woodland Wonder 4pk - $15

With shells reminiscent of birch, moss, mushroom, and bark, this highly decorated macaron package is inspired by a walk in the woods.

Flavors: white chocolate | pistachio marzipan | cinnamon | cocoa

Pairings: mulled wine | negroni | chai latte

Wool Blanket 4pk - $12 Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket of flavors with this macaron package. You'll enjoy a calm color-way, and warm, baking spices. Flavors: cranberry-rosemary | peppermint | apple ginger | candied peel

Pairings: petite sirah or bordeaux blanc | bourbon old fashioned | cranberry + ginger beer

Mix & Match - $3 ea Can't decide? Grab a classic flavor (or four) to enjoy. Flavors: peanut butter | lemon | chocolate hazelnut | cookie butter Pairings: pinot noir | white russian | coffee

This time, I'm also doing a pre-sale! Place orders between Nov 14- Nov 21 through the button below. Hope to see you all there.

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